Practice what…

Guess it’s time to practice what I preach

Free write with no beat/

Ghost in a shell on the tube

Intro to project management, I’m on the move/

Smooth is my rhythm and the melodies I seek

Smooth is the lifestyle/ smooth are the sheets/

Salute to the focused, salute to the chosen

Achoo and a big salud to the broken/

Work-life balance, work-life chances,

It’s time to live this life in my way

Love the soulful advancement/

Maturity is an obscurity, when situations un-nerven me,

Find the inner peace through free-versery /

Words and actions in sync

Eye on the prize, the mystique/

Practice what you preach or your words lack substance//

If there no substance, there’s no sub stance of gemstones to polish,

Do the knowledge knowledge /

The cats meow is all show

He Snatched up my hair bow

And the purr is the dog’s tuxedo///

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