Pairing Down My Deck Collection

Many of my fellow Tarot Nerds have offered assistance with helping me pair down my collection. I just wanted to give a status update. This selection is based on my daily tracking statistics as well as my aesthetics for seasonal use and go to’s for self and client work. The goal is to keep all working deck contained in this chest.

“Daily Pulls” Deck Usage Statistics of 2018

40 decks made it in the Star Wars themed treasure chest so far. 2 decks are missing from the photo, they are the Cosmic Tarot and the Darkness of Light Tarot; as I am currently working with them.

I have 5 tarot decks currently on preorder. Trionfi della Luna Paradoxical Rose, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, the Light Seer’s Tarot, the Muse Tarot, and finally Tarot de Marsella Robledo. I am hopeful these will make it into the treasure chest and there will be space for them.

That is a total of 47 decks that have either “sparked joy” or I do not feel “meh” about. The “meh” method worked well for me and allowed me to get through the process relatively quickly.

This is the first wave of pairing down my collection. It has been rough because I enjoy all tarot. But I feel like I’ve made some lead way in lighten the load while still feeling like there’s enough versatility to cater to my professional and personal needs as well as my moods and personality.

All tarot cases shown are “Arcana Cases” I purchased from the Tarotista shop on Etsy. Or you can order from

Tarotista  Etsy Shop
Brocade Arcana Cases from the Tarotista Etsy Shop

Working Tarot Deck List:

[Left Row from top to bottom]

[1st Row – Tarot de Marseille/Pip decks]
Marshmallow Marseille
Orbifold Tarot
Pierre Madenie
Trionfi della Luna
Trionfi dell Luna Paradoxical Classic
Flamand Vandenborre
(Case holding space for Trionfi Rose edition)
Spanish Tarot

Deviant moon
The journey into egypt tarot
World spirit tarot

[2nd Row – Rider Waite Smith based decks]
Pams vintage mini
Morgan greer mini
Trippin waite
Oliver hibert
Centennial waite
Pams vintage
Healing light tarot
Orisha tarot
Vertigo tarot
Pagan otherworld

Elemental tarot

[3rd Row – Deck with Diversity]
Next world tarot
Tarot of the Tattoo age
Moonchild tarot
Tarot de st croix
Textured tarot
New era elements tarot
Tarot of the holy light

[4th Row – Thoth Based/ Esoteric Decks]
Tabula Mundi in Minima
Zillich tarot
Masonic tarot
Tabula mundi coloris arcus
Thoth tarot
Quest tarot
Alchemical tarot
Tarot of ceremonial magick
Vision Quest tarot
Rosetta Tarot (papyrus edition)

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