Minor Planetary Bodies – Centaurs


Centaurs differentiate from other asteroids because they characteristically behave as a mix between a comet and an asteroid. Comets are composed of dust and ice. Thus, a mythological association was made with Centaurs who were half human and half horse. Centaurs have unstable orbits compared to other celestial bodies making them unique. Their orbits links between one planetary realm and the next. Apparently, there is estimated to be roughly 44,000 centaurs in our solar system.


Known as the “Wounded Healer”. Where Chiron is located in the chart reveals where one has been wounded and where healing is needed. From our own wounds we learn compassion for others through our own suffering, thus instilling ancient wisdom from a unique vantage point. To experience spiritual connection. Where we have a talent for and access to ancient wisdom. Chiron is the bridge between traditional planets and trans-Saturnian planetary bodies.

  • Discovered:  November 1, 1977
  • Designation: 2060 Chiron minor planet
  • Type: Asteroid/Centaur
  • Orbit Cycle:  50.42 years.
  • Retrograde Cycle: Once a year. For approximately 5 months.
  • Tarot Correspondences: N/A


Represents: Likely will indicate where we have been wounded and where we struggle with our addictions which are one way of masking over the wound until we are ready to delve into and begin resolving the contractions of our inner world.

  • Discovered: January 2, 1992
  • Designation: 5145 Pholus
  • Type:  Asteroid/Centaur.  
  • Orbit Cycle:  91.85 years.
  • Retrograde Cycle: ???*
  • Tarot Correspondences: N/A


Represents: Revenge and painful transformation . The difficult transition between decisions and responsibility that may lead to death or violent change. Position in the chart may indicate where we may need to understand our darker side and where old wounds can come up for healing and renewal.

  • Discovered: April 26, 1993
  • Designation: 7066 Nessus
  • Type:  Asteroid/Centaur.  
  • Orbit Cycle:  122 1/2 years
  • Retrograde Cycle: ???*
  • Tarot Correspondences: N/A


The largest of the centaurs. 

Represents: Conceptualization of that which is beyond the natural world. Where there is a potential for an individuals turn toward the mystical and who are able to experience the numinous unknown more readily. Place in the chart may represent a place of wisdom that transcends the boundaries of the natural world, a place where you must close your eyes to ‘see’. The seer. Questioning perceived reality.

  • Discovered: February, 15, 1997
  • Designation: 10199 Chariklo
  • Type: Asteroid/Centaur
  • Orbit Cycle:  63 years.
  • Retrograde Cycle: ???*
  • Tarot Correspondences: N/A

*Retrograde cycles: I need to conduct further research to check the retrograde cycles of the minor planetary bodies. Updates will be provided at a later time.  

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