Top 9 Astrology Books for Beginners

I have had a lot of people ask me where to start if they want to get into astrology. I can’t even recall how many times I have recommended the same books. They aren’t in any particular order because they are all very well done. Even as a practicing astrologer, I will still reference these. I feel they all provide a firm foundation of information along with a bit of guidance and activities to apply, process, and retain the information.

Astrology: A Cosmic Science

Author: Isabel Hickey. This is a solid reference book. She covers all the basics, planets, signs, symbols, zodiac, houses, aspects, etc. She includes a table for essential dignities- to tell the strength or weakness of a planetary placement. She also has interpretations/delineations for planets-in-sign, planets-in-house, and aspects.  She briefly touches on birth chart calculations, transits, and progressions. I mean she even writes about decanates. Overall, a great place to get a taste of the astrological landscape. Availability: Paperback, Kindle (e-Book)

The Inner Sky

Author: Steven Forrest. Learning astrology is like learning another language. This book takes you on journey on the syntax of astrology. This is NOT a boring or dry read, but it is a relatively easy entry point towards understanding. I find it packs a punch, he has a way of simplifying the basics and guides the way to constructing your own astrological sentences. It is well structured and methodical without being dense. How do astrologers create their interpretations/delineations? Planets in signs and houses. Aspects, rulerships (essential dignities), and the moon’s nodes. This book explains it, mystery solved! Availability: Paperback, Kindle (e-Book)

The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

Author: April Elliott Kent. This book has a delightful modern voice. She has a simple and fun way of expanding on the basics and introduces you to additional concepts that might feel “over your head”. In addition to the traditional basics, she touches on concepts such as house systems, asteroids, non-planets, orbs, and retrogrades. There are guidelines for making daily, monthly, yearly, and long-range planners to apply to your personal goals. She covers astrological syntax, transits, solar arc progressions, and much more. This book really does have the essentials and is practical for applying the information. Availability: Paperback, Kindle (e-Book)

Astrology for Yourself

Authors: Douglas Bloch and Demetra George. This is an introduction to astrology via workbook style. This book will help you to understand your natal chart. If you are ready to put in the work, this is an excellent starting point. They provide a step-by-step approach and assist you with creating your own interpretations. There is space to journal in for your reflections and insights, so you may prefer the physical copy. Availability: Paperback, Kindle (e-Book)

Astrology and the Authentic Self

Author: Demetra George. After you are comfortable with the syntax and knowledge of the basics. This book will introduce you to her techniques and model approach. She outlines traditional astrology guidelines while approaching it in a modern way. It covers concepts such as determining the condition of a planet, relationships, vocation, and secondary progression. There is a section on how to delivery the information in a professional and concise way via astrological counseling. My copy of this book well worn. Availability: Paperback, Kindle (e-Book)

The American Ephemeris

Authors: Neil F. Michelsen and Rique Pottenger Reference book. While there are plenty of online or digital ephermis’ available. There is something so intimate about looking through and working with a physical copy. This is a book of tables, that show you where the the planets are each day, and at what degree. This includes information for eclipses, new moon, and full moon. If you want to know your astrological weather, this is you’re number one resource! Availability: Paperback Only

Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

Author: Chris Brennan. This book is a great introduction to the practice and philosophy of Hellenistic astrology. He provides techniques with a very clear and concise structure to take in and apply. There are a lot of footnotes and resources to which I appreciate because you can always dig deeper yourself. There are basic, intermediary, and advanced techniques presented in this book such as, annual profections and zodiacal releasing. This is definitely a good one to add to your personal library. While the book is large, it is an essential for those who want to understand some astrological history. Availability: Paperback Only

Planets in Transit

Author: Robert Hand. This is a solid reference book in regards to planetary transits. Some might call it the ‘transit bible’. It is comprehensive catalog of delineations or interpretations of all major transits. All of the planets in addition to the midheaven, ascendant, and houses. There are 720 of them in total. Both professionals and beginners can get loads of use out of this book and can assist with unfolding transits to your natal chart. Again, my copy is well worn. Availability: Paperback only.

Parkers’ Astrology

Authors: Julia Parker and Derek Parker. This book is a whomper. It’s really big so but it contains all the things that you need to know to cast the chart by hand if you wanted to. This is an older book so this was prior to the boom of the Internet, but it is colorful. Nevertheless, its wisdom is still needed. I primarily enjoy this book for the modern techniques it provides such as harmonics, midpoints, natal interpretation, synastry, composite, location astrology, etc. It basically gives you a range of astrological techniques to study and experiment with. Still want to cast charts when there is no internet? Then this is your tome. It’s definitely a classic and one for the resource library. Availability: Hardback, Paperback

Closing Remarks

So these are the top 9 astrology books, I tend to recommend over and over again. Most of them you can find on Amazon. If you were to keep a small library of books- all of these should be on your bookshelf. Astrology books should not be a one time reading but a source of references you can can look to for clarification when you are working on something or want to get into new territory. I warn you now these are the gateway books to the life-long-ever-lovin’ study of astrology.

BONUS: I MUST mention, if you’re someone who would be interested in psychological astrology, read any and everything you can get your hands on written by Liz Greene. Her “Seminars in Psychological Astrology” series is a great place to start. She utilizes psychological concepts through a lens of mythology. Content you can really sink your teeth into and chew on. She is also the author of the Mythic Tarot guidebook, to boot!

If there are any comments, questions, or suggestions that you would like to add, let me know in the comments section!

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