Weekly Skylights for June 30-July 6, 2019: The Unveiling Fringe

The red planet recently moved into the changing waters of Cancer, instinct and intuition unite. It takes courage to wear your heart on your sleeve, this shift is saying you can. The outward expression of this may provide volition for asserting yourself and/or a fierce onrushing of creative downloads peppered with animal passions.

As we feel the silence, the whispers of the town are telling of the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, hitting close to home. Think back 9, 18, 27 years ago, what themes were you dealing with? Where does the inner self, the emotional body, need to take a stand and communicate it’s truth? In the sign of the twins, it is bringing up themes of choices and changes that were made perhaps abruptly or quickly. Boundaries broken and redefined. Transformation abound but unplanned for. Floating in the sea of uncertainty.

Yet anew, decisions will need to be made, new boundaries need to be set, and another layer of skin must be shed. This occurs in the place of the home, these themes are of your upbringing, roots, and domestic life. This may be a battle with the old you and the new you finding common ground. Suffice to say, sometimes the current version of yourself may feel like a doppelganger at times… the ego you now live with will have to stand backstage these few weeks to the needs of inner self taking center-stage.

There are themes of power dynamics at play between the domestic inner life and the career outer life. Work may be demanding and require you to expand and seek, which can make for difficult conversations at home, should changes ensue. The reverse is true, as domestic concerns can filter how you choose to seek and expand in the world outside of the home. The armor you wear may feel chinked and scuffed, but it is always worth the effort to be authentically YOU.

By the end of the week, you may be fired up with some unorthodox or unique solutions you find of your own accord. Look for inspiration in the mundane or unusual places within your surroundings, you may surprise yourself with the liberation it provides. Value those creative downloads for they bring a sense of self-resourcefulness and worthiness to the part of you that needs to be seen and expressed.

Weekly Skylights Outlooks are done using sidereal zodiac.

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