Weekly Skylights for July 7 – 13, 2019: The Seeker Within, The Journey Without

Sunday, July 7th: Mercury Stations Retrograde

Beginning this week is our need to rethink, relearn, reestablish how we communicate our intuitions, feelings, attachments, and compassion with Mercury stationing retrograde at 9° Cancer. Thoughts and feelings are one in the same, if there is a struggle, then this is an opportunity to break new ground. Mars makes a presence this Mercury station. So, I feel like there are themes of breaking conventional conditioning that no longer serves you; separating unconventional idealistic perspectives from achievable personal aspirations.

This may be a good time for personal philosohpical studies and establishing a focused personal practice of your liking.. as long as you feel called to do so.

As my beautiful friend Nikki Moore from School of Divination said, “Planets Aren’t Puppeteers“. While it is easy to assume because Mercury is in retrograde that it is affecting us, it doesn’t mean that we are powerless. In such a state that everyone talks about power of attraction, free will, and we are the creators of our destiny, etc, etc– are the same ones that sure seems to place a lot of emphasis on retrograde planets getting the better of them. This is fatalism at its finest.

Stop for a minute, and listen to the power of your words, for they give thoughts life and thus create the reality. The phrase goes, “The macrocosm ‘is like‘ the microcosm”. Not, “The macrocosm ‘causes‘ the microcosm”.

The universe shows us patterns, be it astrology, card divination, divination by the actions of animals or whatever tickles your fancy. So what patterns in your thought processes you would like to shift and change? Where do you ‘believe’ you have been held back? What bothers you internally? And where can you take your power back?

Monday, July 8th, Venus Square Chiron, Chiron Station Retrograde

While we would all love to save the world in our own way, the best place we can start is with our immediate sphere of space. How can we co-create an ideal personal situation? Journal, write, speak, communicate about your wounds. We would all love to be ‘perfect’ without a scratch or a scar. But scars and wounds are part of the makeup that provides your unique wisdom. You would be surprised who you can heal from the stories of your own sufferings. This take bravery and compassion of the highest caliber.

As Chiron stations 10 degree of Pisces, the wounds to be addressed are emotional, spiritual, even ancestral. What have you wished for in terms of healing? What work have you put in towards that end? The sabian symbol for 10 degrees Pisces per Dane Rudhyar is, “AN AVIATOR PURSUES HIS JOURNEY, FLYING THROUGH GROUND- OBSCURING CLOUDS”.

We have to transcend the ego-self and natural physical limitations of reality, in order to develop in the astral-mental-ethereal realms. Here borns the innovative healer and mastery of the self and healing arts. Dreams will most likely be potent this week, pay attention to the symbols. They may seem strange and grotesque but see what wisdom finds you there and apply it to the waking world.

Tuesday, July 9th: Sun Opposed Saturn

The Sun shines a light on house of other’s resources, communication and exchange with others about their values, their deep experiences, and resources may pose tension between your own sense of values. Saturn is asking us to be responsible and set boundaries for your personal resources, be it energy exchange, personal finance, or a sense of worthiness. You want to be available for others but not at the expense of yourself. Try to strike a balance on the themes of give and take.

Wednesday, July 10th – Friday, July 12th: Mars Square Uranus, Mars Trine Chiron

Mars seeks to assert himself, separate, divide, and break down things. It seems the unique work ideas your have implemented may need to be reassessed. Maybe there are too many things happening right now, cut it down, and simplify. Determine what is working and what isn’t, remove the unnecessary from implementation, put them back in the bucket of ideas to revisit at a different time. This will only serve to help you focus on what you can master and pioneer at this time. How you assert yourself may break new ground.

Saturday, July 13th: Sun Opposes Pluto

The exclamation mark at the end of the week is, “transformation abound” Again, the pattern emerges of the underground search for self actualization and shining a light for others. Transformation doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass either. If you can be honest with yourself, you can navigate the inner work with the outer work. Albeit, a bit finicky, but very doable. Change starts with one small step. Dig deep this week and a lotus will bloom on the surface.

Tarot Divination: What do we need to know the most this week?

Deck: Trionfi Della Luna Paradoxical Classic by Patrick Valenza

Seven of cups suggests there may be a sense of stuckness or decision fission occurring that may cause you to pause. The options are overwhelming. What part of the self, do we even want to address at this time? We internally carry all the fragments which is the make-up of who we are. Start with the easiest aspect or start with the most difficult, the choice is yours, but make one. The secret is– the other options will still be there to explore when you get back. After all this is what is within.

Three of wands tells us the beginning of a journey starts with one step and one decision. The beginning of integration, the desire for progress. So make a choice and go on the journey. The journey doesn’t have to be long, but practicing your processes for journeying will assist in making progress. It gets easier with time.

The Page of wands, is the messenger, the student of the pursuit of desire and conquest. We don’t have to be a master to make an impression. We are all students of life that need to find the creative outlet, which will allow us to find the peak of experience where we need to flower. Do not be afraid of not having all the answers, do not be afraid of the journey, find comfort in the search for the expansion of your true inner self. Take time to seek the light within the deep Self. Grow, expand, and be blessed. Peace.

*Weekly Skylights Outlooks are done using sidereal zodiac.

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