Weekly Skylights for July 14-20, 2019: Diamond Wolf in the Rough

Isolated Fragments

Its a busy week for both Luna and Pluto, an extensive venturing into the underworld for an emotional or spiritual renewal, but what trials await us in the depths of the collective psyche? Identifiable to the wolf shape-shifting, the emergence of instinct and powerful primal energy. As the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon this eclipse, thwarting emotional function and creating an err of silent ambiance. Unsure of the shifting tide, you must stay grounded. …Forget emotions, its about survival skills.

As I gaze upon the planetary configurations for the week I see the essence of Bohemian Gothic Tarot in my mind. Shadowy, powerful, potent, and honest. Navigation by moonlight. Hauntingly beautiful. Trepidation with each step but magnetically pulls you to uncover an rare isolated essence of yourself. Pick up the shadow fragments and find your way through the maze that is you.

Battle Royale: Sun Opposed Pluto Rx

Sunday, July 14th: The Sun shines a lights by communicating it; chatter in the air, noise all around, communication, messages, notifications, everyone wants to be heard. When were are all talking over each other, what happens? The philosopher in you may decide to take a step back, to return to your power, and attempt to turn off the lights of incessant babbling. In fact, you may feel called to take a step back and assess how you are expending your energy. This is a case of how much of my own energy should I give versus how much energy do I draw in towards myself? This is the dynamic tension of showing grace and saving face. The greatest showman to the remote recluse. This is a battle royale of distinguishing the light of conversation from the depths of the teachings. The breakdown of the self you always show people versus the repressed you that is the truth.

Luminous Silhouettes

Tuesday, July 16th: The emotional body connects with the deep body, with the Moon conjunction to Pluto Rx in Sagittarius. There is an innate sense of magnetism to seek and to proceed into the trenches that are hidden. Where can we find the buried treasure, the sacred fruit that has been hidden?

What is it that you cherish, nurture, and find beauty in? Where has the pressure build up for you to put up boundaries and limits? Your discussions of what you love and seeking to handling your responsibilities tug at each other, with Venus in Gemini opposed Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. What you say in beauty and what is perceived in restriction and boundaries will be at odds.

This Full Moon lands at 29° Sagittarius, while trudging through the murkiness will be beneficial and that the wisdom of your past experiences will come to fruition and nurture your emotional needs. Remember things are not always what they seem, pay attention to the finer details or things others cant see. When things don’t seem right they usually aren’t trust your instinct. Don’t fall for superficial appearances. Ground yourself and acknowledge where your emotional intelligence will have an opportunity for growth. What are the triggers and where are the solutions?

The Full Moon starts at the toes of the partial Lunar Eclipse beginning at 24° Capricorn. With a conjunction triggering to both Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx. There may be a need to go underground and get away from societal pressures. Through this contemplative trek you may feel disenchanted but don’t stop. Peace needs to be made from the point of origin, acknowledge restrictions that beseech you. Make peace with the trajectory. Know your limitations, know your boundaries, and ground yourself in that truth. The truth can be cold and harsh, but it’s emotionally relieving, liberating, and magnetizing. Trust your instincts and handle your business so you can retrieve your innate magnetism. Tether to the Earth, shift into true form, and howl at the Moon.

Decompressing Waters

Thursday July 18th: In an auspicious note after the Lunar Eclipse passes there will be a sense of relief with Moon sextile Jupiter Rx. But that relief comes from sitting still, meditating with quiet vibrations, and facing penetrating truths. A time to get your life philosophies in order. Allow yourself to be wholly you while managing the necessary.

There may be an over compensation of conversation concerning the things that you love cherish and enjoy the most to your friends or community because there is an air of idealism with Venus trine Neptune Rx. Check that what you’re discussing bears truth as your own delusions may make it more difficult for you to navigate. Beware of speaking tall tales and overindulgence, on any level.

The pressure shifts from intellect to emotion as the Sun ingresses into the sign of Cancer. A light shines on domestic life, a sense of nurturing, comfort, intuition, and some time to decompress. It is a relief as we know Mercury is currently in retrograde. So find your favorite book, your favorite comfort food, your favorite fuzzy pajamas, and venture into your underwater cave of mysteries. Perhaps a spiritual bath is in order, submerge in order to heal and regain some strength. The treasure is within.

Renewed Knowledge of Self

Saturday, July 20th: And now we find the beauty and the cherished treasure from the power dynamics of the shape-shifting journey with Venus opposed Pluto Rx. The wisdom of the recluse becomes a story that you share. A deconstruction of the old and a rebirth of the new. A story filled with wisdom, intrigue, and interest; of all that you know as prevalent in your life experiences. Feel the renewed sense of power, purpose, and growth. It is that profound truth which you now stand in and knowledge of self is what you’ve earned.

How the Cards Fell

Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Baba Studios


The Nine of Swords tells us what we already know and may not have been able to face. What is it that keeps rearing is head in the light of you trying to live your best life? These are the things that we need to face and deal with. You cannot wish it away, but I will tell you a secret you have the power to will it away, but you have to do the work.


The Hermit tells us what is underneath and needs to be brought to surface. It tells of a moment of truth by shining your lantern on the issues at hand. The insight you carry will help you navigate on the path of self-enlightenment. It is a lonely road but it is not without its rewards. Cloak yourself and take the trek that may ultimately lead to resolution.


The Ten of Wands tells us advice to navigating this week. While, yes, the pressure is on, the universe doesn’t give you more that you can handle. Even though it might seem far, you are so very close to your goal. Carry all things unnecessary to the garbage and alleviate yourself of self-imposed dead-weight. Shadows are only scary when we choose not to look at subject blocking the light source. When the spirit feels heavy so does everything else. Lighten your load and step into the next era of the journey.

Have a transformative week! Peace and Blessings. ~Nya

*Weekly Skylights Outlooks are done using sidereal zodiac.

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