The Houses

The houses are the areas of life and environments in which we find ourselves. Originally called ‘the places’. Environmental experiences. The ‘where’ of what is occurring. The terrain in which you navigate.

An empty house does not mean there is a lack of activity but the absence of a serious problem in that area of life. With no planets in a house there is a potential for more freedom of movement in those areas of life. Where planets land, it is more of a calling as to what needs to be worked on in this lifetime.

The houses are your anchor and your foundation when reading a chart. The planets and zodiac are in constant flux, but the houses are fixed in position. The 1st house will always be roughly at the 9 o’clock position, 7th house at the 3 o’clock position and so forth. The houses help us to navigate an astrological chart. The type of house system you use is a different story, but the foundation is the same across all astrological traditions.

Now, let’s get into what the houses or places are representative of:

1st House – House of Self/Personality

Type: Angular
Area of Life: Personal appearance, mannerisms, and disposition. Persona. The armor worn. The mask you wear. The window through which you view life. Physical body. First Impressions.

2nd House – House of Personal Resources

Type: Succedent
Area of Life: Personal property, resources, money, possessions. Peace of mind. Moral values. Self worth. Earning and spending capacity. Income. Assets.

3rd House – House of Communication

Type: Cadent
Area of Life: Ability to relate to immediate environment. What you think. Commerce. Dexterity. Short journeys. Early education. Siblings cousins, and neighbors. Writing, news, rumors, communication. Memory. Innate skill sets.

4th House – House of Home

Type: Angular
Area of Life: Home life, inner world. Hidden depths of the self. The nature of one’s residence. Maternal figures. Unconscious underpinnings of the personality. Early family life. Roots/Lineage. Domestic Life. Private Life.

5th House – House of Children

Type: Succedent
Area of Life: Self-expression. Creativity. Love affairs. Children you create (be it actual children, or art, books you write, etc.) Affections you display, anything that bears your personal stamp. Tendencies coming from the heart. House of hidden karma. Pleasure. Romance. Sex.

6th House – House of Service & Routine

Type: Cadent
Area of Life: House of work and health. Food, clothing, shelter, and domestic pets. Routine. It potrays one’s capacity to serve. Working conditions. Wellness/Illness.

7th House – House of Marriage

Type: Angular
Area of Life: The other. The not-self. Committed relationship. The ‘we’ consciousness. Parternships and marriage. Cooperation. Lower courts and Close friends. Open adversaries. Relationships.

8th House – House of Death

Type: Succedent
Area of Life: Generation, sex, death, other people’s resources, inheritances, occultism, legacies, financial conditions of the other. Debt. Taxes. Shared Resources. Psyche.

9th House – House of Long Journeys

Type: Cadent
Area of Life: Super-consciousness. Religious philosophy. Spiritual visions. Long Journeys. Expansions of horizons. House of Spirit. Worldwide contacts. higher education. In-laws. Study. Faith.

10th House – House of Career

Type: Angular
Area of Life: Prestige, honor, accolades,. Professional career, reputation. Father, Employers. Authority. Fame. Public Life. Profession.

11th House – House of Friends

Type: Succedent
Area of Life: Friends and acquaintances. Groups. Community. Goals and objectives. Social relationships. Hopes and Wishes. Good Spirit. Projects. hopes, wishes.

12th House – House of Ancestors

Type: Cadent
Area of Life: Ancestors. That which is Hidden. Self-Undoing. Initiation. Subconsciousness. Mystical experiences. Service or Suffering a choice must be made. Charity. Karma. Hospitals and institutions. Hidden enemies. Retreat. Escape. Release. Subconsciousness.

Learning Tip:

I find an easy way to learn the houses is by learning them in pairs of opposites.

1st house is the house of self, across the way is the 7th house the house of the other. Relationship with the self versus the Relationship with the other.

2nd house is house of personal resources versus 8th house of shared resources.

3rd house is short journey and rudimentary education versus 9th house long journeys and higher education.

4th house is private/domestic life and mother versus 10th house public/career life and father.

5th house is of children and creativity versus 11th house friends and commitments.

6th house is of work and routine versus 12th house of retreat and escape.

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