Weekly Skylights for July 21 – 27, 2019: Life is a Beach

One aspect I failed to tap into in previous Skylights is Neptune Trine Rahu, we have been feeling this aspect and will continue to feel this all the way until August 18th, 2019. Communal life feeling off or strange. Sleeplessness or more lucid dreaming than usual. Misconceptions and possibly a tendency to expect more than necessary. Remember if you don’t expect anything you will never be disappointed. The sense of an inability to grasp what you feel you need. We are just going to have to ride the wave with this one.

There are still echoes of last week’s eclipse season, wrap up that unfinished business as best you can and try to move forward into the new.

Immersive Waves

Sunday, July 21: With the onrushing waters of fluidity, there is an infusion of identity and mental capacities, with Sun conjunct Mercury. Common sense over takes you and there is a clarity of mind and consciousness. Emotional liberation may seem more apparent, yet there is a need for deep self expression with an sense of zeal and aloofness, with the Aquarian Moon sextile Sagittarian Pluto Rx. Magnetic discussions of what’s in the heart may come up today or you may have an intensified power of attraction with Venus opposed Pluto Rx.

Tuesday, July 23: Oceanic waves of kindness and benevolence may be in the air. A sense of generosity of higher knowledge and a kindness of emotional well being enter the scene today; with the Moon in Pisces trine Jupiter in Scorpio Rx.

Surf’s Up

Wednesday, July 24: Venus ingresses into the sign of Cancer, shifting the focus of love and harmony from the crown chakra to the heart center. The Aries Moon square Cancerian Mercury bring impulsive instincts and immersive mental activities that paves way for changeable views by ways of gossip or self-criticism. Show discretion, appreciation, and sympathetic kindness today, with Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer.

Creative drive and activity also surface today, there may be manifestation of successful results in your profession or vocation, even the little wins matter as they add up to the big ones. There may be a sense of honor, active life, and/or love of enterprise, with Mars trine Jupiter Rx. This aspect will be in effect until Thursday, July 26th.

Take to the Sand

Friday, July 26: Emotional outbursts may be seen today, there is a need for deep self expression with more of a one-sided slant to it, emotional complexes come forth with zeal, with the Arian Moon trine Sagittarian Pluto Rx.

Saturday, July 27: Vitality and feelings coalesce and there is a sense of all around contentment. Self confidence and self worth seem to be at a steady station, enjoy good times with your loved ones and “treat yo’ self” to good food, art, and surroundings, with Sun in Cancer sextile the Moon in Taurus.

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