News and Updates: Weekly Skylights

The weekly skylights have been enjoyable to write but I foresee there being an ebb and flow of what the ‘weekly skylights’ will look like moving forward– a shift if you will.

I am currently behind on some natal chart readings so I must play catch up and get those done. Some of my guinea pigs have volunteered to allow me to share chart findings here, and I am so grateful. Names will be kept anonymous for privacy sake. So look forward to some of those hitting the blog in the upcoming weeks.

However, I don’t want to stop the weekly message… Therefore the weekly skylights may need a name change in which I can easily shift focus from tarot or astrology according to what my intuition is calling me to focus on that week. Even better, lets be real, according to life demands. Basically, I am still showing up and getting it done. I want to let this evolve organically.

I will probably just call them ‘Weekly Insights’ in the interim because that is just an easy default.

Any other ideas for a name for the Weekly Tarot and/or Astrology post? How have you been enjoying them so far?

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