What’s Up Weekly – Insights for July 29- August 4, 2019: Cast a Charm

Stargazing Trends: Show Love

Sun/Venus conjunction week presents us with an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciate. Sincerity and development of furthering the development of your social expression in a creative and nurturing capacity may be highlighted.

Both the Sun and Venus are Square Uranus which adds a dash of spontaneity into the mix. You may be surprised to learn how others show their love for you. Each person has their own original way of showing love. Remain open-minded enough to accept gestures and be enterprising enough to show your own. Walk around this week dignified in your charms.

More Sun and Venus aspects to add to the stew with them both in trine to Chiron. Heal others during their uncertain moments. All you have to do is hold space. Active listening and acknowledgement should be sufficient in allowing others to work through their any issues they may have. Genuine respect and/or gratification is gained here should the opportunity present itself. Usually, when compassion is shown, everyone wins.

New Moon ingresses to Cancer midweek. Start from where you are. The pressure is on to get long term projects off the ground and build toward them. When things look bleak, don’t give up. Look for the hidden opportunities. Break down artificial barriers and alliances. Dreams become reality when you have a game plan. Set some goals, do your best to get out of your feelings and into your body. Take the steps forward and make the dream work, as we still have the ongoing Neptune trine Nodes.

Midweek, Mercury stations Direct in Gemini, things should begin to normalize especially if you are sensitive to this shift. If communication was quickly falling apart this station should amend and quickly rebuild broken links and qualms, bringing understanding into play.

As the week ends, the Moon in Leo trine Pluto will give us the fire we need to charge forward to make needed changes with others, be it business partners, colleagues, close friends, and/or family members. It could be a simple as pulling together to reach a long term goal and achieving it. Give it that last push!

*Stargazing is done using Sidereal Zodiac.

Cardcasting: Third time’s a Charm

Three of Cups: Let the rays of sunshine fill your cups with laughter and community. Dance the dance, drink the wine, eat the fruits, and share the wisdom. Sometimes we would rather go at things alone, the cards (and the stars) are urging you to find solace in your community. Share your feelings, speak your truth, and work together towards a common goal. Celebrate and relish in the momentum of the “fateful trifecta”, Spin, Dispense, and Release. You are the weaver of your destiny. The synthesis and unity of these processes coalesces into the realm of realization and understanding.

Three of Disks: The first taste of progression being made as you weave your tapestry, the foundation being established. The pattern begins to unfold and become visible- tangible. The crystallization of its innate powers. The first bearings of matter which ultimately becomes your great work. Although, further work will need to be done, here there is enough motivation to continue to proceed through to the end product, even if you take a tumble. In the very famous words of our fallen Aaliyah, “If at first you don’t success, dust yourself off and try again”.

Queen of Spades: Is here to remind you, while yes, it is a time to show love, it doesn’t mean everything is love and light all of the time. She is here to say “That’s a bunch of bullshyt!”. Life has made you tough as nails, and there is still a strange isolation even when you are surrounded by friends and family. Guess what, it’s a pretty normal experience for most people. That doesn’t mean clam up- just be practical. It means do what you have to do, no matter how you feel– it’s discipline. It is time to use your magic and charms, sometimes dark humor is the best humor because it is a showcase of what experiences are real. Shared experience makes for like humor in most cases. So, the Queen of Spade is a notice, to beware of hidden agendas and to pay attention to your surroundings. Let sheer determination pave the way forward.

Notable: We have a three three’s! Three of cups, Three of pentacles, and 12 (1+2=3) The Queen. Three is the number of synthesis and unity, it means you probably learn the hard way but success and fortunate can be found through allowing yourself to lean on others a bit. A common goal IS desired and team work makes the dream work!

Have a Blessed Week! ~Nya

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