What’s Up Weekly – Insights Aug 5-11th 2019: Shine Theory

Stargazing: Abundance Consciousness

Self control is the name of the game with the Virgo Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius on August 5th. Time to put the final details on the big exploratory projects. This aspect is well off for the public platform, yet may introduce some strain on the home front, aptly a sense of isolation. Thankfully, Moon aspects move rather quickly and would been a feeling in passing rather than a longer theme. Keep focused on the matters at hand.

Have you heard of shine theory or abundance consciousness? Try applying this to your world and see how it fairs. The aspect of the Cancerian Sun trine Jupiter in Scorpio Rx brings these themes into the light August 6th. The Will to expand, to give and receive recognition, successful thinking, and a good mode of expression are readily apparent and available. You may be vigorously jovial and communicative. Good news of some kind may be expected with Mercury’s ingress to Cancer. When you shine, I shine. When you succeed, I succeed. There is more than enough resources to go around.

Arriving at finding inner balance… spirit and soul, vitality and feelings, and spirit and mind, with the Cancerian Sun square the Moon in Libra on August 7th. If there is a struggle, its more internal than external and perhaps some delegation around the home is in order to arrive at pleasant medium. You may even decide to change your home decor to become more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Today the Sun Squares Jupiter which may add a touch of friction, which naturally brings excitement and movement to this realm of ‘shiny’ experiences.

Intellectual stimulation through emotional triggers can be found with the Scorpio Moon trine Cancerian Mercury on August 8th. Perhaps there is some gossip or exposure to criticism. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let it roll off your back. The truth always comes to light, so let the haters hate and eventually it will blow up in their face. Most likely this is coming from the darling aspect of Cancerian Venus trine a Scorpio Jupiter Rx, the display of a loving nature, happiness, and optimism. Keep your wits about you and strive to see humor in the nonsense.

A Sun/Venus conjunction in Cancer on August 10th, makes things feel warm and fuzzy and can be felt until August 17th. Perhaps, listening to some tunes while exploring some artistic expression is called for. Likewise, you can go for a walk in the park and enjoy the nature. (I am hearing Jill Scott’s “Long Walk” and “Golden” songs in my head for this aspect). Now, I am not one for over-optimism but find a way to do things you enjoy as this aspect seems apt for such ventures, find it’s intrinsic inner values and enjoy yourself.

Here comes the revolution! Increased excitability, ambitions, and attentiveness to your instincts are highlighted with the Moon in Sagittarius trine an Arian Uranus, on August 11th. Determination to pave your own unique path is emphasized and it feels right. Additionally, there can be a potential for sudden change to one’s circumstances. Ride the roller-coaster to the galactic center and take some friends with you. A new adventure awaits.

*Stargazing is done using Sidereal zodiac

CardCasting: Cut to the Chase

Advice this week from the Tarot is about making some boss choices. The associated letter to The Lovers is Zain which means ‘Sword’. Wielding a sword as a tool is a responsibility that requires quick wits and quick thinking. Sharp decision making is represented here. Once the choice is made, your story moves forward. Are you in it for instant gratification? Or would you rather amend the choice for long term gains? The bigger picture here is the need to be upfront and forward about your needs and requirements. Do not passively accept less than you deserve.

This theme is echoed with the Queen of Swords (in this deck it is called the Scarlet Shield) showing up. Straight talk is your best line of defense this week. Cut straight to the heart of the matter, deal with it and move forward. On the shield there is an eagle devouring a serpent which symbolically represents victory over your adversaries. Speak your truth with conviction and hold fast to your position and watch how it manifests.

Have a blessed week! ~Nya

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