What’s Up Weekly – Insights Aug 12-18th 2019: Astro-Knots

Stargazing Trends: Emogenius

The week begins with an emphasis on our spiritual link to others and the sensitivity felt when attempting to connect, with the Sagittarian Moon activating Neptune via sextile and the Dragon’s Head via opposition on August 12th. Dragon’s Head (Rahu) is exalted in Gemini, there is a compulsion to experience life through the intellect, if given the chance. Neptune is still in a tight trine to Rahu this week, so these energies are on the hazier and cloudier side of things.

Furthermore, a moment of presence, stillness, and shift occurs as Jupiter stations Direct at 19° Scorpio and Uranus stations retrograde at 11° Aries. The Sabian symbol for 19° Scorpio is “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation that has been overheard”. This infers to a sense of spiritual channeling for some, for others it may be that you are able to transmit knowledge that holds truth to your faith or education. Here is the need to integrate the messages from your subconscious into your higher consciousness. In a negative respect, this can mean gossip or ignorant repetition of information. Be sure you get receipts where you can.

The Sabian symbol for 11° Aries is “The ruler of a nation”. This infers a time to expand your base of operations and show you have the necessary energy to get things done. It is a great time to bring a sense of discipline and order to the area of your life in which this degree is located in your natal chart. In a negative respect, this can indicate overbearing energy.

The Sun/Venus conjunction in Cancer is still at play this week. Self expression through the arts, a home renovation projects, and the like can get the ideas out of your head without allowing yourself to become to idealistic or lost in the fantasy.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the August 15th, is about learning about the consequences or rewards of your own actions. There is no hand holding or scapegoating (no pun intended). Just a good look at what is working and what is not. Let go of the bad habits that no longer serve your purpose.

Sudden news and sudden cognition present itself today with the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus and Cancerian Mercury square an Aries Uranus. Astuteness, persuasion, and innovative dispositions show themselves here on August 16th.

On the 17th, the Aquarius Moon conjoins with Neptune, making your dreams and feelings seem more prominent. The subconscious goes from spinning like a top to performing cartwheels. I’d say keep a look out for any vivid dreams or unexpected synchronistic phenomena– it could be rather telling of your innate genius. Perhaps this can be encouraging to life path momentum with Luna trine Rahu today.

Some Karmic lessons are sure to present themselves this week, as the wandering star triggers are all ætheric, astral, and heady.

*Stargazing is done using Sidereal Zodiac

CardCasting: The Path Less Traveled

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot (Vitruvian edition) by Benebell Wen

This week’s tarot advice presents us with two Major Arcana cards. The Hermit (Erudite in this deck) and the Emperor. There is some need to let the machismo lead the way– what I mean by this is to sit in your power, not passively but actively playing a role in the direction your life takes and leading the way.

The Hermit can be a loner but the wisdom gained by engaging the road less traveled, makes for a wonder of stories and life experiences to share. Don’t be afraid to walk in your truth even when it seems dark; your inner light will guide the way. Sharing the details of your life stories may shine a light for others, which has the potential to make clearer their own journey. The hermit is also known as the wise one and don’t be surprised if people ask you for advice.

The Emperor places emphasis on the Uranus station in Aries. When you have to take the lead and make unique decisions, the Emperor is urging you to wield your decisions and choices with discipline, focus, determination, and conviction. Again, leading the way to some new frontier and stepping into it with authority and vigor. The path less travel has potential for gaining reign and sovereignty– just remember to wear your armor, in preparation for another notch towards your wisdom belt.

Have a Blessed week! ~Nya

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