What’s Up Weekly – Insights for Aug 19-25th, 2019

Sidereal Stargazing: Prolific Push

On the 19th of August the Sun ingresses into the Royal sign of Leo, the place of its Dignity or Rulership. The shift from the mother to the father, from the home to the vocation. The fixed candle in the heavenly sky, sends heat and warmth, putting us into a state of creative bliss. Stroking the ego and awareness of life in all its consciousness. The center of our humble solar system has returned to its sovereign element.

On the 21st, Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio. Commerce and intellect regarding matters of the heart, plays well with expansion of ideas that have been long tucked away. The details of the big picture come into focus and there is opportunity to hash out a plan. Just don’t throw the baby away with the bath water, really explore all the ideas that come to you even if they seem unusable at this time, they may work themselves out later down the line, so save and store these ideas somewhere.

On the 23rd, the Leonine Sun squares the Taurian Moon. A creative spirit has friction with the sensible soul. This dynamic aspect brings the opportunity to accomplish that feat without breaking the bank. There are more rewards in creating your own and getting recognition from it than outsourcing. You are worth it. Where can you be practical and resourceful to accomplish a harmonious solution? Both planets are in dignity, the results may prove to be showstopping and fruitful.

On the same day the planets of love and war unite, with a Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo, where they dance until the 25th. The passion and impulse to love is freely available. Passions are high, desire is strong, the urge of creative expression is unusually potent. If not creative in the sense of the art, projects, or vocation; it may be the urge for establishing union with another, be it marriage, procreation, or partnership of some kind. Utilize and harness this intense energy wisely, know what you are capable of adding and manifesting into the mix– and instill accordingly.

Cardcasting: Quest for Change

The Knight of Swords rides on a quest, gaze fixed on the objective in the distance. Calculating and swiftly approaching and targeting the next move. Get off your ass and make a move now. Banter and quick wittiness may prove to be a skill to use this week in order to clear the path and bring upon the seed of the next new brainstorm as indicated by the Ace of Swords. Be mindful not to do anything that would cause harm to yourself. Allow the intellect to guide you when you are overtly in your feelings, to maintain the balance since there looks like there will be a err of high passions running high. Spark the seed of clarity when it comes to ideas and goals. Use your old skills, learn some new skills, and give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to learn something new that can be applied to your ever-evolving being. Be adaptable in order to survive– for the only constant in this life is change. Stay sharp.

Have a Blessed week! ~ Nya

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