My top 5 go to TdM styled decks of 2019

Lets jump right in. Most of the decks below have a slightly smaller size to them besides the Trionfi. Which feels really good to shuffle with and make excellent travel companions. Additionally, I appreciate the quality of the card stock on all of these.

1. Tarot de Jean Dodal de Lyon (5th ed.) by Pablo Robledo

Out of all of the classic TdM style tarot decks, this is my absolute favorite. I love the way the art is and the styles of the faces on the characters. It tickles me but also rings true towards capturing the essence of a reading. I cant get enough of this deck and need to find a back up copy as soon as possible. I cannot see myself living without this one.

2. Flamand Vandenborre by Pablo Robledo

Also known as the Flemish Tarot. Bacus also replaces the Pope for Key number 5 in this deck. I happened to find this one by happenstance. It is quirky and fun and the minor arcana pips are not in a standard tdm format there are numbers in the center of some cards. It took a little bit of experimenting to get used to reading with this one, but because I can quite figure it out and because it feels odd enough I keep on coming back to it.

3. Tarot de Marsella by Pablo Robledo

This deck is just a classic Conver based TdM. It is great to teach with and compare my other decks to as a baseline reference. It is essentially a gold standard. I adore this deck and it was awarded the Historical Deck of the year back in 2013 by Tarot Association.

4. The Spanish Tarot by Fournier

This is a Liguria-Piedmontese woodcut deck. Radical color differences in both minors and major arcana alike. The introduction to the color purple is unusual for this style of tarot deck. The cards are naturally ‘weighted’ so you do not have to mark your cards for those of you who like to read reversals. When I want to stray from the typical color palette and shuffle with the intention of reading reversals this is my go to deck of this school.

5. Trionfi della Luna by Patrick Valenza

Trionfi della Luna. Monsters in our mists, a strange dream world where humanoid figures roam the terrain of a pipish land. This modern re-envisioned TdM stlye decks reads like a storybook. The structure of the original art style; tips its hat to the historic land of TdM decks. This deck is really so fun to read with, after all when we are going through struggles and hardships it is not hard to feel like you are some kind of humanoid dream monster navigating on this earth. Here but out of place somehow. This deck has a lot of miles on it, I simply cannot get enough.

If you want here is a video of my go to Tarot de Marseilles style decks of 2019 and a brief audio version of why.

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  1. Trionfi della Luna is by Patrick Valenza


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