Tarot Tidbit: Working with your Year Card

One thing about your year card. It is an archetype for you to explore and become more in depth with. Don’t scratch the surface and believe that’s what it is for the whole year. There are 365 days worth of nuances to explore.

🦚 Look at the surface. Look at the symbols. Dig deep…. just keep digging.

🦚 Learn about the various intensities of those energies. How might they manifest via low intensity? Extreme? Now split the difference.

🦚 How can you use the energies to your advantage? As a key of wisdom to guide your year?

🦚 What colors might they inspire you to wear?

🦚Copy their posture, how does it make you feel?

🦚 What zodiac or planet does your year card correspond to? Research it. What rings true to your life experiences thus far?

🦚 Where do you recognize this archetype in movies or books? Explain it and how you feel about it in a general sense.

The possibilities are endless.

Some personal examples:

During a Devil year – I began a weightloss journey and was chained to my restrictions. The discipline helped me to break vicious cycles and learn about my “demons”. I learn deeply about my boundaries setting them with myself and others.

During my temperance year – I learned to moderate my time better between personal vs social, work vs life balance.

Chariot year – I got out of my comfort zone. Made loads of new friends and traveled… alot!

Have fun!

Jean Dodal by Pablo Robledo
Photo by Nya Thryce

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