Nya Thryce is an intuitive Tarot Reader and Astrologer, who has a passion for helping others with her innate empathic abilities, gift of divination, and practical advice. Nya’s divination services helps to provide you with a sense of insight and illumination. Covering many topics from the mystical to the mundane, esoterics to everyday, and spiritual to the practical.

These magical  and time tested tools continue to help many people just like you, providing clarity, awareness, empowerment, solutions, and awakening hidden potentials. Nya is well versed in tarot divination, oracle card divination, astro dice, and astrology. She also divines with lenormand cards and playing cards. She has been told she is compassionately straightforward reader.. in other words.. expect some tough love when getting a reading from her.

Nya has been studying astrology intermittently since 1996 and actively reading and studying tarot since 2014. She reads all of the major systems of tarot with a particular focus on the esoteric side of things and the crosshairs of where tarot and astrology meet.

Nya also dedicates time towards being an admin for the facebook groups: Tarot Nerds and Fortunes Wheelhouse Academy.

Other Things

Tarot Uses: Tarot Readings • Esoteric Calendar • Creative Writing • Rhymes • Poetry • Spellwork • Helping Others • Musing on Life • 

Book Interests : Tarot • Astrology • Occult • Psychology • Philosophy • Personal Development • Business • Spirituality

Let’s explore Life for Insight and Illumination!

Stay awhile and browse this space to get familiar with my work.