Major Aspects

The concept of Aspects is the angular relationship between planetary bodies and/or sensitive points. This can be likened to harmonic vibrations as thus applied in musical constructs. If you are familiar with music you will know that some notes work… Read More ›

Sensitive Points in Astrology

Sensitive point in astrology act like planetary bodies but the difference here is they have no physical manifestation. Planetary bodies occupies space and has mass, energy, orbit, and influence. These sensitive intersection point do not have any of that- in… Read More ›

Outer Planets

Outer planets are also known as modern planets and transpersonal planets. They are planets cannot be seen by the naked eye. Additionally, they are not known or used in classical astrology techniques. These planets move so slowly they are kin… Read More ›

Social Planets

Social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, represent an individual’s connection to the public. as well as organizations established for the forward progression of society and culture, such as governments and religions. These planets stand inbetween what is personal and what is… Read More ›

Inner Planets

Inner planets are planets whose orbit is within the asteroid belt. They are the closest to the sun. In astrology, they are associated with our individual concerns, personality, and identity expression. The Sun Represents: the Self, the Will, Intelligence, and… Read More ›