Tarot Poetry

My Poetry Chapbook

My latest project has come to life! A tarot poetry chapbook now available for Kindle download on Amazon! For anyone, following my daily poetry, now you can read all my poetry from 2018 in one place. I completely am stoked!… Read More ›

Acrostic Poem – High Priestess…

Heavenly Body Inlined with silver Gracefully filtered  Her heart in the mirror… Pomegranate hearts Righteous the harvest Ingest the moon water Ethereal star garden Solemnly swear Truth inhaled Ecstatic the bliss Sacredly scaled… Sacredly veiled… Nya Thryce

Practice what…

Guess it’s time to practice what I preach Free write with no beat/ Ghost in a shell on the tube Intro to project management, I’m on the move/ Smooth is my rhythm and the melodies I seek Smooth is the… Read More ›