Code of Ethics

I utilize the tarot cards as a tool to formulate creative solutions for various questions. I feel it allows me to dig deep into the self for healing, reflections, insights, and exploration of circumstances. I am all about self-exploration, creative pursuits, overcoming obstacles, coping strategies, and goal setting in pursuit of self progression and self actualization. All of my readings/sessions are intended to be both nurturing and empowering. As a tarot reader I utilize the wisdom of the tarot as a way to acknowledge the full spectrum of life, from day-to-day situations to deeper spiritual queries. What I do is out of a sincere desire to help and spread insights for illuminating the power and wisdom within you.  

  • I am happy to discuss your needs with you before you make a purchase. Please and title the subject line of your email, “CLIENT INQUIRY”.
  • I am here to provide services for your needs, therefore, I treat everyone with respect. I do not discriminate based on ethnic background(s), religious denomination, gender(s), orientation(s), or identity.
  • I like to be respectful of pronouns. If you’d like to make sure that I’m aware of yours and/or your partner’s pronouns before a reading/session.
  • I will provide options, guidance, and insight during your tarot reading but you have the free will to choose what you will do with this information. I feel very strongly that you are in control of your own life and are therefore held accountable for the actions and direction you choose for yourself.
  • I cannot predict the future, changes can happen in an instant and nothing is absolute. Therefore, employ your free will and have an open mind towards possible outcomes.
  • I always use Tarot to guide in an objective manner, not to instruct in any absolute terms.

  • All reading sessions are confidential. Your information & secrets will never be shared with anyone.
  • Video readings posted public to my YouTube channel, will always be recorded as anonymous, your identity will not be disclosed. You may request your video to remain private at any time.
  • I will not read for ‘absent’ third party persons. This reading will be focused on you as I believe the tarot is a tool for personal empowerment and reflections.
  • My services are not a replacement for a licensed medical, legal, or financial counsel.
  • I present myself, my knowledge, wisdom, & gifts with integrity and honesty.
  • If you are not age 18 or over, I will not conduct a reading for you. By requesting a tarot reading from me, you are acknowledging that you are 18 years of age or older.
  • If I feel your behavior is addictive or not receptive to spirit’s guidance, I may refuse to read for you.  I do not encourage addiction to any sacred arts practitioners (psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, etc).
  • I will never harass and bother you to get a Tarot or Astrological consultation. If you’re in need, my services are available.
  • Readings are not completed until payment has been remitted and cleared.
  • I will refer clients to appropriate support organizations (mental, physical, spiritual) if deemed warranted.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading, consultation, or session if I desire.
  • Please make note: This is a living code of ethics and is subject to change over time.

Disclosure Statement

A tarot reader cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation. In certain jurisdictionsa tarot reader is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be taken as and are for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. Your tarot reader is bound by a self-imposed code of ethics, which can be provided to you upon request.

Vibe and Approach

What I do is out of a sincere desire to help and spread insights for illuminating the power and wisdom within you.  

Through the exposure of media, there is a preconceived notion for many people that divination of any kind is forbidden and taboo. I was raised to question what I am told and not to take things on face value. To pursue the truth through application of various perspectives. I believe I am more well rounded for it. The most fascinating thing about tarot and astrology that remains at its core is it’s versatility and ability to stand the test of time. Its ability to adapt and remain relevant in our modern world is no small wonder or feat. There is the potential in them to be used for practical matters, rousing the muse of creativity, self healing, self awareness, education, and of course divination. The possibilities are endless and most of the them extremely life-revealing and awe-inspiring.

One of the main points I like to reemphasize to those who receive any kind of divinatory reading is; what is read during a session is not set in stone. It is a current assessment of the energies at play. It is up to the individual receiving the reading, to decide what they will do with any given information. That is why we have free will. Think about it like a weather forecast, we can forecast what energies are at play, so we can determine how we want to plan for that day. It is less about prediction and more about awareness and cognizance. If you want to wear a winter coat in the summer, that is your choice. However, I would probably advise against it. It is similar to how readings works but on a metaphysical scale. My intent is for you to be accountable for your own power and progress. At the end of the day, you are responsible for the choices you make.  

 I am pretty straightforward, pragmatic, earthy and spiritual. I would say the vibe can be pretty chill as my readings are available as a place to hold space for you during the session. I can be candid at times but strive to be as tactful as possible. I am known for giving tough love when it is required. I am also empathetic with what the situation is at hand.  I try to keep it casual and conversational just like if we were hanging out somewhere having a cup of coffee or tea (I love them both) with good conversation to boot. I make sure to study often so I can pick up different spiritual tools and techniques to refine my tarot and astrology practice. 

If you require a label then… I am an… intuitive-spiritual-interdisciplinary reader. Sounds fancy, but really all this means is that I pull from my knowledge-base in various branches of my metaphysical and spiritual journey. Some techniques are I feel are best suited for specific questions and/or subject matter and I intuitively choose which I feel will be the most helpful. This is especially true for my general readings, which tend to find me frequently.  For me, divination readings are a synthesis of what is already innately known, intuitive or instinctive insights, and applied practice. Beyond this, it is my spiritual belief that my ancestors, muses, and spirit guides come through and step forward to assist with the messages being provided to you during a reading session. I am merely the conduit through which the information passes.