Tarot Readings

I offer:

  • Individual Tarot Readings via private/unlisted video via YouTube ($60/hr)

Sliding Scale Video Reading Options

Small Tarot Readings ($15 for 15 mins):  This option is limited to One Question only. Please no two-part questions.

Medium Tarot Reading ($30 for 30 mins): This option is limited to Two Questions.

Large Tarot Reading ($45 for 45 mins): This option is limited to Three Questions.

Jumbo Tarot Reading ($60 for 60 mins): This option is limited to Three Questions. Plus an additional 3 month energy reading.


  • Work/Career
  • Love/Romance
  • Self Empowerment
  • Family/Social
  • Ancestor Messages
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Goal Setting
  • Choices/Two Paths


  • Email NyaThryceChronicles@gmail.com and  include your questions/concerns/topics and any notes/additional details of your reading request.
    • NOTE: If there is no information listed in the notes/additional details section upon my getting ready to conduct your reading, I will defer to this as you not having a specific question and are simply looking for general guidance. In this case, I will pull the cards to see what they suggest you need to focus on at this time.
  • Please include READING REQUEST in the subject line of the email (this will help me to identify requests quickly).
  • Provide the paypal email address you purchased your reading with in the body of the email to confirm I am sending the reading to the correct person. 
  • Please allow up to 7-10 business days to receive your reading.
  • Purchase your reading here: paypal.me/nyathryce
  • Readings will be conducted after payment has been tendered.  
  • By purchasing this reading you are confirming that you have read the terms of service as well as my code of ethics.


You will receive an email with the link to your video reading attached.

For inquiries: NyaThryceChronicles@gmail.com


I use many different tarot decks. If you have a favorite, let me know what it is and if I have it in my collection, I’ll use it for you. You can see my working  tarot deck collection here. Otherwise, I reserve the right to intuitively choose the deck/decks I will work with for your reading. 

My personal list of current favorites:

Waite Smith Tradition: Rider Waite Smith Centennial edition or Pam’s Vintage (Pamela Colman Smith & Arthur Edward Waite), Darkness of Light, Oliver Hibert, Morgan Greer

Tarot de Marseille Tradition: Trionfi Della Luna (Patrick Valenza) • Jean Dodal (Pablo Robledo), Besancon (Pablo Robledo), Flamand Vandenborre (Robledo),

Thoth Tradition: Thoth (by Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris), Tabula Mundi (by M. M. Meleen), Vision Quest